Powerful Weight Loss with Hypnosis

You pay $87.50 per session with our package!
AN $1125 VALUE FOR ONLY $700! WOW!

This Powerful Weight Management
Hypnosis Program includes:

  • Session 1:  Introduction to Weight Management Hypnosis
  • Session 2:  Let’s Reframe:  Slim Thinking vs. Fat Thinking
  • Session 3:  Learning Self-Hypnosis
  • Session 4:  Stress Management and Emotional Eating
  • Session 5:  Sensible Food Choices
  • Session 6:  The NLP Slender Eating Strategy
  • Session 7:  Boosting Motivation to Exercise
  • Session 8:  Putting it All Together for Lasting Results

In addition you receive worksheets, sample food plans and reinforcement recordings! This program was designed to be one session per month for lasting lifestyle changes. By purchasing this program for ONLY $700, you save $425 making this program a $1125 value if you pay for each session individually. You SAVE money and LOSE weight. Is there anything better??

What are some reasons for weight challenges?

  • Emotional challenges like not feeling loved (or other emotion) and substituting food
  • Portion sizes
  • Food addictions
  • Poor eating habits
  • Food availability
  • Quality of foods
  • Stress and stress-related issues
  • Attaching habits to food such as eating in front of the TV

Does any of these sound familiar? There are so many reasons why we may gain weight and it seems as though taking it off is a much bigger challenge than putting it on. It will require determination to change your present circumstances. The hypnotic intervention can assist you in many ways. It can assist you in changing your mind to incorporate the habits into your life that will get you the results you want. You learn to think in new ways about your relationship with food.

How does hypnosis help to lose weight?

Quite often the challenges you are having with weight are the result of limiting beliefs, habits and old programming that no longer serve you. Hypnosis sessions will help you to think in new ways in order to change your existing habits that support your weight loss goals. Hypnosis will then help you to “reprogram” your subconscious mind to respond to food in new ways, eat healthier and notice when your habits are negative. Suggestions will be given for positive habits that help you to achieve your goals.

Is this quick weight loss?

Likely it will be slower than we might want, but we are looking for lifestyle changes and new habits changes that are long-term. We live in an immediate society where things are readily available. That’s not necessarily the best solution for us, especially with regard to weight. There are weight loss solutions that give you the immediate weight loss, but often they are not sustainable results. Our weight program helps you to lose weight in a more sustainable and permanent way. Although the results seem “slow”, the coping skills and knowledge you get from the program can vastly change what you are doing now, empowering you to change what’s happened in the past.

What is required in this program?

You are required to attend sessions and to listen to recordings. You will become more mindful of your choices, your habits and your mindset. Ultimately, you acquire skills that help you to get from where you are to where you want to go.

How many sessions does it take?

Everyone’s story is different, so my recommendations will be different. It depends on you and your past beliefs, your challenges and your mindset. You are definitely worth the investment. Take your time and do the entire program to get the most benefit. I do have an eight-session Weight Management program with details below.

Why eight sessions?

We want to give you the absolute best chance of changing your habits for good. This is a combination of lifestyle and habit change that could change your life.

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Food Plan App Endorsement, Optional

Hypnosis works so well for changing your mind and getting good messages into your subconscious. One of the pitfalls people sometimes fall into is getting tired of preparing healthy meals and just going for something quick and easy. We do have limited time on occasion.

That’s not the time to give up. It’s the time to refine your plan and keep listening to the hypnosis recording, which has a bigger impact than most people realize. This is the food plan I use. It’s an inexpensive app that has meal and snack recipes that are very doable and easy. This is the best kind of “fast food.” Even if you aren’t sure what to eat, this app will make it quick and easy for you to make good food choices!

Please be aware that this is an affiliate offer and I do receive some compensation from this ad. However, it has been so important in my life that I purchased it and use it regularly to keep me on track. I know how valuable it can be to keep yourself on track. Click below if this will be a benefit for you!