Tired of:

  • Feeling stressed all the time?
  • Dealing with stress in ways that make you feel worse?
  • Not sleeping well?
  • Feeling like life just happens to you?
  • Your needs always coming last?
  • Not remembering the last time you felt relaxed and calm?
  • Your lack of confidence holding you back?
  • Smoking and coughing?
  • Frustration with your weight?
  • Negative self-talk?
  • Not living up to your true potential?

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The Wheel of Life is a flexible coaching tool that offers a view of your current life situation. It quickly identifies areas of imbalance so you can set priorities based on your life vision.  What are the areas of your life that need more balance?  The results may suprise you!

Hypnosis can make it easier to make the changes you want.

After you determine the areas that need attention, how do you turn life challenges into life solutions?  Hypnosis lets us speak directly to the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs and old habits that no longer serve you are stored.  In a hypnotic trance, suggestions are given for a change to take place.  At our session we discuss your personal goals and you experience hypnosis.  After the session, the repitition of a reinforcement recording assists you in going from a suggestion to a new habit.  Let hypnosis help you to succeed by changing your mind!

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