We live in a stress-filled society. The number one thing that clients say after a hypnosis session is that they never feel that relaxed and that it feels good. Why is that? Because most of the time they are stressed and don’t realize it. When you’re always stressed, it’s your normal. We should never get used to being stressed. Instead we should learn how to manage it.

Unrelenting stress causes so many small issues which can lead to much bigger issues. This is YOUR life so live it well. Do yourself a favor and make time to understand and manage stress and keep yourself healthier mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You feel nervous
  • You feel overwhelmed and out of control
  • You’re a perfectionist
  • You have performance blocks
  • You procrastinate
  • You self-sabotage
  • You have the fear of failure
  • You have the fear of success
  • You want better work-life balance
  • You want to handle deadline pressures better
  • You want to reduce or eliminate stress symptoms
  • You need better time and project management
  • You want to learn how to relax, meditate, visualize

Stress! We all have it! You can’t eliminate stress from your life totally. You can reduce stress and learn techniques to help you cope and react differently to the stress that comes your way.

When stress is unrelenting, eventually the body’s immune system can break down. Before your body feels the effects of stress, improve how you deal with it.

The collaborative, professional relationship between a stress management coach and our clients addresses why stress happens, how it affects you, how learning new stress control approaches, how to utilize these stress reduction methods, and how to craft a comprehensive and unified customized stress management program that suits your needs.

Stress and the Relaxation Response

Stressful situations create the “fight or flight” response. You feel tired emotionally, physically and mentally. Did you know there was a relaxation response? It is a natural method of engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to reverse the effects of stress. Our individual and group sessions help you to use techniques to manage your stress, as well as eliciting the opposite of the fight or flight response.

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