Public Speaking

Hypnosis for public speaking?  Yes.

Joe made an appointment and came into my office.  He was small in stature, and 68 years old.  He was quiet, but shared his personal concerns about being able to speak at an important dinner in about a month.

Joe wanted to be a dynamic public speaker and had an event coming up with his volunteer fire company.  Despite the fact that he had achieved a lot in his personal and professional life, he had a problem with speaking in public.  During our intake conversation, Joe recalled a time where he had been the new person in his company and no one wanted to ride to a fire with him because they didn’t know him.  He also recalled that as a little boy, his mother was divorced and that he felt “less than” everyone else without his father around.  He said these events caused him to have a problem with self-confidence when all attention was focused on him. 

Through hypnosis, we worked with his subconscious mind and gave him suggestions to view himself as the person he is…the man with wisdom, experience and knowledge to share with his fellow volunteers and their families.  Joe was given a post-hypnotic suggestion to bring back feelings of relaxation when giving a speech or when thinking about giving the speech.  We had him visualize (mentally rehearse) the event going as he had planned and the audience congratulating him on his wonderful public speaking performance.

That is just what happened.  Joe texted me to thank me for helping him achieve the goals he desired.  He said “he can’t wait to do it again…”  

His results were wonderful because he was serious about positive change.  He listened to his CD every night for 28 days and he came back for a follow up visit two days before the event.  Do you have anything holding you back?  Hypnosis can assist you with your goals.