About Hypnosis Training

2024 Hypnosis Training Programs

Our hypnosis training program provides you with a certification from The National Guild of Hypnotists. This ten-day training class is held in person in Peckville, PA and I also hold another class online each year. The in-person training class is held the second Saturday of the month for ten consecutive months beginning in January of 2024. The classes are held in our office in Peckville, PA. The online classes are held the fourth Saturday of the month for ten consecutive months.

2024 Training Dates, Peckville In-Person Class

Saturday, February 10, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14 and October 12, November 9. Classes are held from 9am to 5pm.

2024 Training Dates, Online

Saturday, January 27, February 24, March 23, April 27, May 25, June 22, July 27, August 24, September 28, October 26. Optional get-together date (IN PERSON) is November 23, 2024. Classes are held from 9am to 5pm. All participants must have their video cameras on for the entire class.

You sign up and pay for each class individually every month, so it’s an affordable program! All ten classes are just $150 each and it’s so easy to pay monthly….you just sign up for the appropriate session. You will be required to give a deposit of $200 before you begin your classes to hold your place in our program and for the books and materials you will receive. There is a wealth of information in this program and having the material to refer to will be quite valuable. The total cost will be $1,700. That is a wonderful price for this training and payments are easy.

It is absolutely essential you attend all classes, complete the assignments, do a practical and written test in order to receive the certification. However, if you must absolutely miss an in-person class, you can likely make it up at an online class. That’s a big benefit to attending in person.

You will actually learn to hypnotize yourself and others and all that you need to become a hypnotist or use it personally or professionally. Since I have been a professional hypnotist for many years, I give you practical advice and information that you will need to succeed!

If you attend in person, you will be practicing with your fellow classmates. If you attend online, we will utilize breakout rooms so everyone can practice in teams of two. Make sure to line up people to practice with: friends, family, co-workers and other students. The more you practice, the better you become!

My Format

I am providing hypnosis training students with a full day session once per month for ten months. I know of many instructors that are using various scheduling methods to work with students of hypnosis. Even though this program requires ten months of your time, it also allows you to practice, gather thoughtful questions, gain experience and do your homework in a way that allows you to learn well. Make good use of your time.

As your instructor, I have a wealth of knowledge about hypnosis. But I also have a wealth of knowledge about technology and marketing. This is a great opportunity for you to use goal setting techniques to strategize and plan your utilization of this program. You can be assured that I will provide you with as much information and as many resources as I can. My goal is to help you succeed and grow.

Our Training Location

We are very close to Dickson City and Scranton. The closest major roadway is 81, which is approximately ten minutes away from our location. Parking is always free in our professional building parking lot.

Transportation from Philadelphia to Peckville, PA

There is a bus that goes from Philadelphia to Scranton, PA. After that you would either rent a car to get to Peckville or perhaps you can use an uber. You can find more information on https://martzbus.com.

Around our location, you can find bus service to our building. Check it out on: COLTS | County of Lackawanna Transit (coltsbus.com).

Coming from some other location? Use our handy map above to find your way!