Past Life

Through a guided past life exploration hypnosis session, you may be able to unlock past memories, find a resolution to an issue in this life, understand your connection to particular time periods and/or help discover why you feel a connection to another person.

Past Life exploration in hypnosis is for those who want to find answers and are open to their experiences. You will be guided into a past experience. Although some people have an idea of what they want to experience, the actual experience may be different.

You will come with an open mind and trust the experiences you have. You do not need to have a strong belief in past lives in order to experience hypnosis in this way. Often times, my clients find this experience to be a release and somewhat….find explanations to questions they have had.

The past life experience is approximately two hours in length, so it’s appropriate for a first-time hypnosis client. Some people take a bit longer to understand hypnosis and trust what they “see”, so you may benefit from additional sessions if you feel some resistance your first time.

The session for Past Life exploration is approximately two hours.

A Past Life Exploration Party or Group Experience

In a small group of people for any type of event, you can explore past lives. This is a two-hour experience and requires a space relatively free of noise and distractions. Call for additional information and quotes.

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