On-Track Coaching

The On-Track coaching sessions are the “upkeep” portion of our programs. These sessions allow clients to stay on track with your choice of thirty or sixty-minute sessions. The initial session we discuss your outcomes. Let’s say, perhaps, you have come to sessions for weight management and for sweets control. You are happy with your progress, but want to keep the momentum going, as well as stay motivated. During out sessions, we discuss where you are, where you want to go and what you have to do to maintain the lifestyle, thoughts and habits that get you there.

On-Track coaching sessions usually involve talking and strategizing. The actual steps taken will be up to you. Whether you are finding roadblocks, or you just want to stay “on track,” this can be a valuable session for those wishing to make permanent lifestyle changes.

On-Track Coaching sessions can be in person, online video chat or telephone.