We offer programs to help you STOP SMOKING, LOSE WEIGHT AND MANAGE STRESS, just to name a few topics. WHEN YOU HAVE A PERSONAL SELF-IMPROVEMENT GOAL, Tina Pineiro Life Solutions assists you in aligning your thoughts and habits to your intended outcome! After all...IT'S ALL ABOUT SELF-CARE.

Tina Pineiro

It’s All About Self-Care!

I’m so glad you found my website. My name is Tina Pineiro and I’m a professional hypnotist & instructor who coaches and guides my clients to attain their goals. Sometimes the things that happen in our lives seem so random and we can’t seem to put the pieces together to make sense of it all. I can show you, with a variety of techniques, how to align your habits and thoughts to achieve your personal goals.

Tina Pineiro Life Solutions helps every day people with every day life challenges, like when someone wants to quit smoking. You may think you are the only one with your particular challenge, but likely you are not. The programs I offer utilize modalities to assist you in making changes to your limiting beliefs, habits and thinking. But there is so much more. Our pre-talk may sound like just a conversation, but it’s an opportunity for me to hear the way you think and what your desired outcomes are. It’s a time where we can reframe some of your thoughts and learn that a growth mindset is possible with effort, even if you’ve always had a fixed minset.

What we do in our sessions will likely have an impact on your mind, your body and your spirit. After all, you get one life. So we want to make the best of it!


Quit Smoking

Manage My Weight

Understand Stress

Increase Self-Esteem

How balanced is your life? Try our Wheel of Life and find out!

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