Why Mindset Coaching?

The way you think matters. If you think you can’t follow your passion or that your whole family had trouble quitting cigarettes, well that may limit what you think is possible with your personal goals. Mindset Coaching sessions are opportunities to see how your current thinking and present habits don’t align with the desired outcome.

Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t …Either Way You’re Right

-Henry Ford

It is a partnership between client and coach, meant to increase self-awareness and empower the individual to achieve things he or she may have thought wasn’t possible. Through coaching, we make a plan and talk about action steps towards your goals.

How is a Hypnosis Session Different From Mindset Coaching?

Hypnosis feels a lot like coaching because it is similar. We talk about your goals and your possible obstacles to success. During a hypnosis session, you would experience the hypnotic state and I would give you suggestions for a change to take place. This gives a direct message to the subconscious mind.

Coaching is more of a conversation where we work together and interactive activities. Hypnosis may be one of the tools we use for moving you forward. It can be used alone or during coaching.

Can I Just Book a Hypnosis Session?

Yes if that is what you want. The hypnosis session will have some coaching, too. It is a wonderful tool for talking directly to the subconscious mind to change habits.

Why is the First Session Two Hours?

There is a lot to accomplish. The first session is somewhat introductory so you and I are on the same page and work best together.

Do I Get Homework?

There is no official “homework.” We make a plan for what you want to achieve and we take steps towards that ultimate goal. There may be things you will have to research or accomplish. You may have sheets to read and fill out. Everything relates to you and your goals.

Can I make an appointment that’s another day or time?

Yes, you can. Most of the time, I can alter my schedule to accomodate someone with limited availability. There are times I am not available, but I will do my best to make it at a day and time that is good for both our schedules.